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Cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed,
flexibility, agility, accuracy, balance, and coordination: you're as good as
your weakest link.

- Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Endurance Training with Tes


Went to my first Potomac Crossfit Endurance WOD with Tes. As much as I've been dreading joining a formal running group, I liked it a lot and I learned a lot and it felt GREAT. Did a warmup 800m run, then some stretching and skill drills then the workout:

Max effort run for 4 minutes
Rest 3 minutes
ME run for 2 minutes
Rest 30 seconds
ME run for 1 minute
Rest 3 minutes
ME run 2 minutes
Rest 30 seconds
ME run 4 minutes

Most of my form tweaks were for my arms...need to keep elbows back - send them straight back and not cross my body. Also, as I tired, I got "out of the box" and no longer kept my center mass where it should be. I know there were other form tweaks, but Tes stressed focusing on fixing one at a time.Good strategy.

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